September 08, 2014

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Vinyl Record Hoarder or Collector? You Decide!

We know just how much you love your vinyl records, but how far would you take your passion for vinyl culture? If you thought your collection was big, think again! Zero Freitas, a man living and working in Brazil is said to have the largest vinyl record collection in the world. Just how big this collection is, is still not confirmed, but it’s in the millions. In fact, the collector or hoarder as some are calling him has 1793 copies of “Roberto Carlos Sings to the Children” album alone. Freitas is currently 62 years old and says that he hasn’t been able to curb his desire to buy vinyl records, since he was a child. Any music lover and vinyl culture enthusiast will know just how this urge feels!

Now we all know what it feels like to covet that record you just have to have, but at what point does your desire to create a collection turn into a hoarding problem? Zero Freitas has his collection stored in a 25 000 square foot warehouse. What’s more, he employs a team of international scouts to find and negotiate the best deals on records that are for sale. Between June and November 2013, Zero is said to have had a dozen 40-foot long containers arrive at his premises, each containing over 100 000 records!

Many have tried to decide if Freitas is a collector or hoarder by questioning his reasoning behind collecting and whether he actually listens to his vast collection. We think it’s safe to say that it’s more about the chase for Freitas – the thrill of a new collection of records arriving and knowing that your collection is potentially the biggest in the world!

Just how big is your vinyl record collection? What is next on your collectors list of records? At Vinyl Café we list most of our records on our website, but we also have a warehouse – not as big as Freitas’ of course - fully stocked with vinyl records that we don’t have readily listed. We encourage you to send us a list of the records you are looking for, or chat to us about growing your vinyl record collection. At Vinyl Cafe we are as passionate about your collection as you are!