September 17, 2014

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Counterfeit Vinyl Record Plant – BUSTED!

As a part of vinyl culture you are probably always looking for an original record. The crackle and pop of the sound and the dog-eared edges of the record sleeve all add to the charm of vinyl record collecting. Of course there are those who do buy and have an appreciation for new records, but in most cases, originals are still the best.

It might come as a surprise that there are counterfeit records on the market. A bootleg counterfeit vinyl record plant has been discovered and shut down in Germany! While no figures have been released on just how many records were being produced illegally by the plant, officials have stated that it is of a “significant quantity”.

Of course while hunting around for your favourite old vinyl records you might stumble across something rare. Knowing if the record you are interested in is an original or not can be quite tricky, so it’s best to have something to compare it to. There are hundreds of bootleg companies out there recreating records on the cheap, and it’s been going on for a number of years. Any vinyl record enthusiast will tell you that the original will have certain details printed on the record and its cover, that the duplicate will not – you just have to know what to look for. Price also plays an important role – don’t assume that a record is definitely an original because of its price tag.

At Vinyl Café we are passionate about music and vinyl record collecting too. We will ensure that you are provided with up to date information on the records that interest you and will make sure that you are given access to records that are graded honestly and with your music enjoyment in mind.

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