October 31, 2014

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What is the Perfect Gift for a Vinyl Record Lover / Vinyl Culture Junkie?

Your friend, girlfriend / boyfriend, mother, sister or brother simply loves vinyl records and the culture that goes along with it.... No doubt then you will have noticed that vinyl culture isn’t a hobby – it’s a lifestyle and those who get involved seem to find themselves lost in all things vinyl records. It can be tough to find new and interesting ways to treat these people in your life, but fear not! There are some great gift ideas out there.

We all know that buying a vinyl record for your friend, loved one, family member or similar is considered a thoughtful gift if the recipient is deeply ensconced in a life of vinyl culture, but what if you want to make it a little more special? A gift company operating in the UK has certainly gone all out to make vinyl culture birthday gifts unique, with their signature product the “Recard”. This is a record-playing gift / birthday card and it is certain to put a smile on the birthday girl or boys face, and keep it there!

What exactly is the Recard? It is a birthday card that includes a 7” vinyl record. Once opened, you can convert the actual card into a record player that works on traditional gramophone technology. All of the instructions on how to convert the card are included in the gift, which means that anyone will be able to set it up and play the vinyl record included.
What’s on the included record? Take a listen here:

It’s obvious that the Recard is created to be a fun, quirky and special gift for vinyl culture addicts and is certainly doing well in the vinyl world. While you would expect such a novelty to cost quite a bit, those in the UK are lucky enough to pay just short of 3 pounds.

At Vinyl Café, we simply love the idea of the Recard! Do you? Let us know! If you have any other unusual or quirky vinyl culture gifts ideal for birthdays and Christmas, we would love to hear about them – let us know.