October 09, 2014

Vinyl Cafe is South Africa's online vinyl music and record store. We buy sell and trade anything vinyl related. We aim to stock a great selection of hand-picked music from Jazz, Soul and Blues through to mainstream Rock 'n Roll. 

Vinyl Records in South Africa

The vinyl revolution has certainly made its way to South Africa and it has taken the music market by storm. It was thought that the era of vinyl records had seen its day – had come and gone – but just last year Gallo Music South Africa announced its plans to release Arno Carstens’ album, Atari Gala, on vinyl as well as on CD! This certainly saw a stir in local vinyl culture groups as we all became a little more excited about what was to come. Neil Greenberg of Gallo Music attested to the warm sounds of vinyl records and how it just cannot be beaten – and we feel the same!

With the dawn of the USB turntable making it to local music stores across South Africa, the demand and desire for vinyl records simply grew. We see so many music lovers nowadays seeking out a turntable and working towards growing their own vinyl record collections. There is something just so enveloping about listening to your favourite record. The absolute process of selecting the right record, putting it on and feeling the depth and warmth of the music that is produced, that personifies vinyl culture at its best.

A great trend has been seen amongst young people who have a passion for music and want to purchase their albums in a more physical form. This way you can truly connect with your music and listening and enjoying becomes a process. Of course a lot depends on the quality of the record that you purchase and the quality of the turntable you make use of. When shopping around for a record that has a clear sound and isn’t scratched, you will need to look into the grading attached to it. At Vinyl Café, we grade all of our records realistically. We know that you want to receive a record in mint condition, and we will make sure we do everything possible to make that happen.

We encourage you to be in touch with us for more information and advice on the type of records and turntables available to you. If you are new to vinyl culture, we would love to assist – if you have been loving vinyl records for years, we value your input and support too! Let’s hope to see even bigger things for vinyl records in South Africa this year and next!