July 28, 2014

Vinyl Cafe is South Africa's online vinyl music and record store. We buy sell and trade anything vinyl related. We aim to stock a great selection of hand-picked music from Jazz, Soul and Blues through to mainstream Rock 'n Roll. 

Vinyl Culture News: Vinyl Sales Soar!

Just the other day, in 2013, vinyl sales were said to be the highest that they have ever been since 1997. The best selling vinyl record of 2013 was Arctic Monkey’s AM and with 2014 flying by, we only have a short time to wait until we know what this year’s bestseller is.

Vinyl collecting is more than just a passion...it’s an art, a culture, something that you feel. Nothing can quite compare to the process of playing your favourite record, lying back and listening to music for the soul. Regardless of what your taste is, whether it is Rock, Folk or Electronic music, with a bit of digging through our vast collection at Vinyl Café you will find just what you need to expand on your collection.

It’s definitely news that vinyl sales are soaring even though we live in a digital world. More and more people are joining our vinyl culture and for good reason. It was reported this year that a well-known record manufacturer in the California, Rainbo Records, has made a shift from producing around 5 000 vinyl’s a day in 2010 to now producing approximately 25 000 vinyl’s per day in 2014. This great leap in production shows us exactly what direction vinyl culture is moving, and of course this pleases us all.

With so much growth over the past 4 years in record sales we can only feel great about what we are a part of at Vinyl Café. We welcome all music enthusiasts to take a browse through our online record listings. Keep in mind that we have spans of records not listed on our website so drop us an email or give us a call if you want to find something specific – chances are that we have it, and it’s waiting just for you. Genres that we focus on include Jazz, Soul, Classic Rock, Indy-Rock, Folk and Electronic music – come and explore these genres with us!