August 11, 2014

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Why You Should Reconsider Your Music Format – Buy Vinyl – Connect With Your Music

If you are an arts and music enthusiast then you have certainly heard terms like “vinyl is making a comeback” being thrown around. And it is! Vinyl is a culture all on its own with a following of more muso’s and art enthusiasts than you could possibly imagine. What exactly is it about vinyl records that is causing such a stir in the music world? It’s all really about sound. Records are known to produce warmer sounds than the average CD or MP3 can, plus it’s quite trendy to have a collection of records and a gorgeous record player in your home – isn’t it!

There are many reasons why people like to buy vinyl and it’s not just all about sound. Enthusiasts like to connect with their art and somehow a CD or digital download just doesn’t feel like something to connect with. If you have a passion for records then you undoubtedly want to be able to see the record in its cardboard jacket on your shelf, touch the vinyl and feel that your collection is something of physical and emotional worth.

Those who like to collect vintage records and record players surely have a lot to do and the whole hobby of it all can take up a very special place in a person’s heart and life. Thus the culture of vinyl moves forward and converts music lovers one at a time with it.

At Vinyl Café we get it. We understand the love of records and the exhilaration that you get from feeling the vinyl on your fingers and listening to warm tones that the disc presents. We have a vast collection of records for you to choose from at our Cape Town outlet, but we also cater to those who live further away by means of listing our stock on our website. If you are looking for something that isn’t listed, chances are that we have it – so don’t waste any time in dropping us an email or giving us a call and we will do what we can to assist you.